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insulation mineral wool - Specialised fair roof and wall in - Impulses for the roof branch

International specialised fair for roof-, wall- and sealing technology insulation mineral wool - Roof and Wall - roof insulation On 15. February 2006 it restarts: After 10 years, ROOF+WALLreturns to and continues the tradition of the most successful event in 1996. The ROOF+WALL  is unique in the world, at no other event the subjects roof technology wall technology and sealing technology are presented that intense like here. Additionaly, the visitors will be animated with the subjects roof plantation and solar technique to use the roof areas ecologically. Thereby, the ROOF + WALL stands out from the conventional building fairs with many branches and is the transmitter for one of the most important branches in the building sector at the same time: the branch of roofing. Use the unique chance to expand your contacts and business relationships, if national or international, come to : to the ROOF & WALL 2006.

insulation mineral wool - Roof & Wall - fields of offer:

The multiple range of the ROOF+WALL has become more transparent because of the clear structure of the range. This facilitates the orientation of the visitors, increases the efficiency and and saves precious time. roofing, roof extension exterior wall lining flat roof, sealing trusses and dormers sound-, heat insulation roof plantation wood and timber materials metal and plumber technology roof draining connections and closures modernisation of old builings, preservation of ancient monuments building needs, mounting parts lightening protection work on scaffolding, security equipment Mashines, tools and apparatuses cranes and specialised vehicles solar energy-facilities

Information about insulation mineral wool and Innovations - roof technology

No prospect or computer may replace the personal contact. Contacts will be socialised at the fair and trends will be discussed. Innovations, improvement of products and quality - the fair roof + wall is the showcase for the world, the date of innovations of the branch. Come to and invite your partners to join this unique building fair. Messe Tradefair